You know when you feel like your world starts to rumble, you feel like there's a dark grey cloud above your head and it feels like it's going to rain. You feel empty. You feel lost.

At times like that, you start counting your blessings. You start looking around and think of how blessed you are to be granted with such wonderful individuals that you can always count on. Through thick and thin. These people are not physically there by your side, but damn it, you know they'll always have your back. And at that moment, my friend, you'll realise how grateful and joyful you should be instead of mourning and being in despair over something so tiny. Spare your tears from those temporary post-crisis emotions and remember something that is gonna stay in your life forever. The people that you wanna keep for the rest of your life and tell your grandchildren about. 

Happy birthday, sahabat. Take care.
(Date written: July 10th, 2015)


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