The Silver Lining.

I could be the emo-est yet the most forgiving person that you'll ever meet.

Especially when it comes to friendships. I can be really angry at you for this month and we can still go out the following month. But looking at the situations as a whole, some people do not value friendships as much as i do. That's my fault. Yes.

I always hope and expect my friends to treasure our friendships like i do. And that's my fault, right? I keep asking for too much and they aren't capable to do such things! I can't do that, i'm torturing them!

The most eye-opening incident was the most recent one. I was stood up by the people whom i thought i should keep by my side for as long as live. The ones who i truly care about, the ones who i want to buy souvenirs for when i travel, the ones who i do not mind driving for hours just to see them. After i left, not a single sorry was heard. Not a single hello. Even to date. Like i just vanished into thin air. Tipulah kalau aku kata tak sakit kan. Ex-boyfriend pun tak pernah buat macam tu kot.

I was down for quite a long time but after taking into account of how much i may mean to them, then everything started making sense. I can't expect them to treat me like how i treat them. Each element present on this earth has different value depending on the individuals. You might like beaches, but your boyfriend might like developments. I may like history but artifacts would probably mean nothing to you. And i can't force you to like artifacts. I like writing in English, but some people find English annoying.

All in all, that's just how i see things. I would love to know what you think. Let it be in English or Bahasa. I won't judge. Thanks for reading. You don't know how much it means to me that someone's paying attention :)


Yanie Zakaria said…
Just so you know, I don't need to like history to be friends with you. I don't need to have the same liking with you to keep up with you. It's the thought that matters and again, just so you know, I often have thoughts of you (and us) in some parts of my mind.

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