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When it's past, way past your bedtime,And your eyes decide to rebel And your damp afterwash face breathes perfectly
That's when your mind decides to explore
You don't need a direction to run free You don't need to make life changing decisions. 
Run. Just run. Run towards the horizon.  Imagine the unimaginable. Build anything that you want to build. Sprint. Hop. Twirl. Walk. Imagining is free yet priceless, my love.  Thoughts past 2am give you wonders they say.  And that, my friend, is the magic of being nocturnal.

The Silver Lining.

I could be the emo-est yet the most forgiving person that you'll ever meet.

Especially when it comes to friendships. I can be really angry at you for this month and we can still go out the following month. But looking at the situations as a whole, some people do not value friendships as much as i do. That's my fault. Yes.

I always hope and expect my friends to treasure our friendships like i do. And that's my fault, right? I keep asking for too much and they aren't capable to do such things! I can't do that, i'm torturing them!

The most eye-opening incident was the most recent one. I was stood up by the people who i thought i should keep by my side for as long as live. The ones who i truly care about, the ones who i want to buy souvenirs for when i travel, the ones who i do not mind driving for hours just to see them. After i left, not a single sorry was heard. Not a single hello. Even to date. Like i just vanished into thin air. Tipulah kalau aku kata tak saki…

Perak (Photos!)