Hey, guys. I have so many things to share, both positive and negative, but who has time for negativity, right? Screw das shit.

Alright. Here goes.

Saturday morning. I had a interview for my degree in masscomm for September intake. It was very unlike my diploma interview three years ago. This particular interview actually seemed like what a proper interview should be like. Never have i ever blew my own horn, but this time around, i had to in order to secure a place for my degree. I had to answer questions such as "Do you think you deserve this spot?" "Should we give you this course?" "Do you think you're a good student?". Other than i was asked on the current news, they also asked me to least all ASEAN countries. Hahaha.

Saturday evening. I rushed to KLCC to catch up with Malaysia's Youth Exchange team(For those who didn't know, i often volunteer for youth events so this is one of them). I was supposed to join them on Thursday but due to some errands that i needed to run for my interview, i joined them on Saturday.

Sunday afternoon. We were at Festival Belia Putrajaya and we disembarked to Perak. Later that day we arrived at a kampong in the rural area of Perak, near Slim River.

The Perak trip was the best event i have ever volunteered for. It was sooo much fun. Let me tell you what i did.
  • first time mandi sungai (sejuk gila babeng)
  • first time merewang
  • first time melantak daging (if you must know, i don't really eat beef, hence it was an accomplishment)
  • first time tumbuk cili using the big conical-shaped metal with the big heavy metal pestle.
The people there were nice. The hospitality tak payah cakap ah. We were fed with pecal, ikan bakar, lemang, kuih lopes, bubur jagung, tomyam, vietnamese beef soup, entah apa benda lagi entah banyak gila. 

Tuesday night. First time keluar tengah malam with Malaysian and Vietnamese delegates to downtown for a quick lepak sesh before they leave the next day.

All in all, the Perak trip was definitely a trip that i would never ever forget.
Pictures coming up real soon!



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