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Hey, guys. I have so many things to share, both positive and negative, but who has time for negativity, right? Screw das shit.

Alright. Here goes.

Saturday morning. I had a interview for my degree in masscomm for September intake. It was very unlike my diploma interview three years ago. This particular interview actually seemed like what a proper interview should be like. Never have i ever blew my own horn, but this time around, i had to in order to secure a place for my degree. I had to answer questions such as "Do you think you deserve this spot?" "Should we give you this course?" "Do you think you're a good student?". Other than i was asked on the current news, they also asked me to least all ASEAN countries. Hahaha.

Saturday evening. I rushed to KLCC to catch up with Malaysia's Youth Exchange team(For those who didn't know, i often volunteer for youth events so this is one of them). I was supposed to join them on Thursday but due to some err…


Went into the rural area of Perak hoping that i would get some things off my mind.
It kind of did.
Came back to KL with lots of positivity. Texted, called-- boom. I feel even a lot worse than before. I feel lost and empty as fuck. Why do you keep doing this to me?

Reminiscing FITCOMM


It didn't have to be a band or a performer that i extremely adore.  It didn't have to have perfect location, or sound system.  The entire experience of watching him perform in the simplicity was perfect. It really was perfect. 
But i wonder, what made it so perfect in the simplicity? 

It was the company. The fact that i'm enjoying really good music with the people that i truly care about. Surrounded by their faces of joy when they heard their favourite songs.

The faces of "i can't believe this is happening". The kind of joy that you don't need to utter that you're happy, it's written in your eyes and all over your face.

When you see your friends enjoying themselves and being happy of something that you worked hard for, you know that the hard work pays off there and then. 
If we could turn back the time and i need to go through the hassle one more time, i would do it again any day. You must be wondering why I'm reminiscing this one mo…