Mawar Rashid Chaos

Terperanjat kan? Hahaha. Yeah, i think i need to say something too, especially when i just posted about bully a few nights ago.

I was on Twitter two nights ago and i saw extremely a lot of people bashing on this kid and mentioning about the whole 'beauty with brain' la, 'bimbo' la and i was just drawn to watch the video to know what the fuss was all about. And so i did. A few minutes ago, i got on Facebook and i read what Caprice aka Ariz Ramli had to say about it. I personally agree with him.

Look. If Mawar's interview was the only interview you've seen for that segment, you are just hating on that poor girl. I've seen a few other contestants' interviews and trust me, she's quite smart. Yes, Mawar might lack in current issues, but like how any of us would respond to interviews, she was just trying to win and get the upper-hand on the interview. When asked questions that she knows nothing of, to Mawar's defense, she just kept smiling and tried her best to seem confident instead of tightening her corrugator muscles, doing the sad lip syndrome, puppy eyes, shaking her head and say "Itu saya tak pasti" (like what other bimbos would do! Seriously, you've never met real bimbos, have you?) Plus, to bash her like how you guys did was terribly biased, i don't know, does she release some kind of bash-me-all-you-want aura to you? If you're well aware of the government policies and such, i'm sure majority of your friends don't know them as well as you do. Would you condemn your friends too, sport?

On another note, some of the people who claimed that they know what GST is, stated that GST is Good Service Tax. Good Lord, what on earth is good service tax? 

The interviewer certainly didn't do her research on body language, did she? If she was assigned to provoke her, then hey, job well done. But if she wasn't, oh boy, she's gonna some real tough time getting interviews. 

All in all, everyone's entitled to their own opinions, don't they? And this is just mine.
You're in my lair, after all. 



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