Goodbye, lovely people. 2012-2015.

Please. Protect my saviours from evil. Ease their paths. Take good care of them. Bless them with good partners for they deserve the best and no one but the best. Give them happiness. Take their sorrows away. Without them, I most probably would not even survive my diploma. Symbolically and literally. I am extremely disappointed that some of our goodbyes did not seem like goodbyes and knowing some of us will not see each other again breaks my heart. Walk in and out, every single one of them will always have a place in me. I love these people. With all my heart. And i miss them already. If i could hug each one with them so tightly, i would not even let go.

Goodbye, guys. Na sayang korang. Jaga diri elok-elok, okay?.. I'm not that hard to reach.

... I shall head to my car now. 


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