Experience-based Advices

"Do you know what's the most important thing in life? To be able to analyse people. Bila kau analyse
orang tu, baru kau tau niat orang tu baik ke, jahat ke."

"There are three types of people when they want to make friends: Either they really want to be friends with you; or because they don't have friends currently, which means he will flee when he has found someone new; or because he's just bored."

"Saya tau umur2 awak ni, mesti awak dok fikir pasal kahwin kan? Mesti ada sikitlah rasa peer pressure sebab kawan-kawan awak dah bertunanglah, nikah la. Tapi awak kena ingat; rezeki semua orang lain2. Dia rezeki dia kahwin, rezeki awak belajar."

"You were the one who taught me that every friendship is a two-way thing. Your problem is putting too much hope on people, giving them time and hoping they would change and come back to you. Doesn't it hurt being in this position?
You pick: it's either you stay in this position and keep getting hurt, or move on."

"Don't you see? It hurts me too seeing you getting hurt!"

Wow. I don't even know what happened the past few days. I keep hearing lifelong advices like these. Advices from people who have been through some real BS. And these advices are just damn true that i think i'm being selfish if i don't share them with you guys. 


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