Day 8 of Unemployment.

Damn, guys. Ever since my diploma ended, i feel like writing a post EVERY SINGLE DAY. When there's no sense of urgency on other things, my hand goes *whoosh* let's write something.

Why haven't i looked for a job? Honestly, i have. I did. But the moment my father overheard me talking to my brother that i'm looking for a job, he decided to make me stay at home for at least the first month of my break.

SO ALL YOU IDLERS OUT THERE, pleaaaaaaaasee, let's go lepak while i still can! Come! Come! Seremban people, Lendu people, my close friends, distant friends, long-lost friends, strangers oso can come! Lai lai!

*not kidding about the distant, long-lost friends and strangers, man. Not kidding at all


Anonymous said…
duduk rumah kemas rumah je lah..anak dara tak elok merayau-rayau ni haha

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