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Mawar Rashid Chaos

Terperanjat kan? Hahaha. Yeah, i think i need to say something too, especially when i just posted about bully a few nights ago.
I was on Twitter two nights ago and i saw extremely a lot of people bashing on this kid and mentioning about the whole 'beauty with brain' la, 'bimbo' la and i was just drawn to watch the video to know what the fuss was all about. And so i did. A few minutes ago, i got on Facebook and i read what Caprice aka Ariz Ramli had to say about it. I personally agree with him.
Look. If Mawar's interview was the only interview you've seen for that segment, you are just hating on that poor girl. I've seen a few other contestants' interviews and trust me, she's quite smart. Yes, Mawar might lack in current issues, but like how any of us would respond to interviews, she was just trying to win and get the upper-hand on the interview. When asked questions that she knows nothing of, to Mawar's defense, she just kept smiling and tried h…

IIUM for Farah My Bebi


Day 8 of Unemployment.

Damn, guys. Ever since my diploma ended, i feel like writing a post EVERY SINGLE DAY. When there's no sense of urgency on other things, my hand goes *whoosh* let's write something.

Why haven't i looked for a job? Honestly, i have. I did. But the moment my father overheard me talking to my brother that i'm looking for a job, he decided to make me stay at home for at least the first month of my break.

SO ALL YOU IDLERS OUT THERE, pleaaaaaaaasee, let's go lepak while i still can! Come! Come! Seremban people, Lendu people, my close friends, distant friends, long-lost friends, strangers oso can come! Lai lai!

*not kidding about the distant, long-lost friends and strangers, man. Not kidding at all

The Spectacular Now (2013): 4.5/5

I thought if i kept my guard up, and focus on other things, other people, if i couldn't even feel it; well then no harm would come to me. I screwed up. Not only did  shut out the pain, i shut out everything. The good and the bad. Until there was nothing. It's fine to just live in the 'now' but the best part about now is there's another one tomorrow. And i'm gonna start making them count.
Sincerely,  Sutter Keeley.
Ps: I'm sorry that my recent posts have been really melancholic. I'll try to write like how i used to i promise.

Goodbye, lovely people. 2012-2015.

Please. Protect my saviours from evil. Ease their paths. Take good care of them. Bless them with good partners for they deserve the best and no one but the best. Give them happiness. Take their sorrows away. Without them, I most probably would not even survive my diploma. Symbolically and literally. I am extremely disappointed that some of our goodbyes did not seem like goodbyes and knowing some of us will not see each other again breaks my heart. Walk in and out, every single one of them will always have a place in me. I love these people. With all my heart. And i miss them already. If i could hug each one with them so tightly, i would not even let go.
Goodbye, guys. Na sayang korang. Jaga diri elok-elok, okay?.. I'm not that hard to reach.
... I shall head to my car now.

Experience-based Advices

"Do you know what's the most important thing in life? To be able to analyse people. Bila kau analyse orang tu, baru kau tau niat orang tu baik ke, jahat ke."
"There are three types of people when they want to make friends: Either they really want to be friends with you; or because they don't have friends currently, which means he will flee when he has found someone new; or because he's just bored."
"Saya tau umur2 awak ni, mesti awak dok fikir pasal kahwin kan? Mesti ada sikitlah rasa peer pressure sebab kawan-kawan awak dah bertunanglah, nikah la. Tapi awak kena ingat; rezeki semua orang lain2. Dia rezeki dia kahwin, rezeki awak belajar."
"You were the one who taught me that every friendship is a two-way thing. Your problem is putting too much hope on people, giving them time and hoping they would change and come back to you. Doesn't it hurt being in this position? You pick: it's either you stay in this position and keep getting hurt,…