It's been more than a month since my event. I'm just so relieved!

I've always poured my heart and soul into any events that i'm involved in. And FITCOMM was without exception. Being my final and last event that i'd ever be involved in organising makes it more special to me. Truthfully, i am very honoured to be serving and being a committee. I take that gratitude as well as the responsibilities along. Being in the media team of the event, a part of our tasks was to find the suitable press and entertainment for the event.

Hence, Noh Salleh and Diandra Arjunaidi. 

With the low/average rate offered to them, i was surprised that they agreed to perfom for us. Especially Noh Salleh. Suggesting from his experience, achievements and establishment, he deserves more than double the amount that we offered. We're just ordinary university students, learning and trying to organise an event. For him to agree to the offer proved that he is a truly humble man.

When i first approached him, i never thought that he would agree. I stood corrected. He replied within 24 hours, man. And that moment, i knew i would make, at least, my close friends happy. That's all that matters, no? I don't know why, but i am blessed with friends who really admire Noh Salleh. I like Hujan's music, but i don't idolize them, you see. Zu kot yang first introduce aku to Hujan. And that was back in 2008. So the response when we announced that he's coming was overwhelming. 

"Serious ah Noh datang?!"
"Ha?! Ye ke?! Ahhhhhhh!"
"Eiiiii aku benci kau aku benci kau aku benci kau!"
"Okay, confirm aku datang!"
"Thank you, Rina!!!"
"Aku sayang kau!"

This down-to-earth, humble man ended up performing 9 songs. It was like his own personal concert and we loved it. We couldn't thank him enough.

Zuriani and Farah came all the way from UPM and UIA. That overwhelmed me too. 


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