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My father would be proud


The Long-Awaited Event

THE event of my diploma. Come one, come all!

If you're interested in zumba, space ball, wall climbing, archery, paintball, you wouldn't want to miss this! Also, haven't you heard? We're bringing Noh Salleh and Diandra Arjunaidi!
We've been working our bums off for his. Please let our hard work pay off. On the other hand, Noh Salleh is by far the most humble public figure i have ever worked with. Humble, modest, low-profile; everything. Allah please ease his future endeavors for he really deserves it. Amin. 
"He was just WALKING towards change. And that was enough for Allah. Allah is so patient that He watches us disobey Him. And He waits. Waiting for us to turn back to Him."
Visit for your heart to be touched.

Week 1 of February

Just another event i attended on campus. Kinda blessed to be studying in Lendu since there are so many events organised every single week.
Can't remember if i've told you this but we, final semester students of Diploma in Mass Communication are required to organise a large-scale event as our final project for diploma *insert an arm-flexing emoji* and this event will be held on the 25th and 28th of this month. 
Hence you, (yes, you!) are invited to come! If you are interested in doing zumba and two-hour non-stop aerobicthon, wall climbing, zorball, archery, paintball, datang la weii. Bring your atok, nenek, pak cik, mak cik, best friend, boyfriend, adik, senior, junior along! Because i know i am inviting a whole bunch of people (ohohoho). The official poster will be released real soon, so i'll keep you posted, alright?
Ps: Calling out all Raingers! Noh Salleh will be there too! ;)