The truth.


I would like to clarify something. When it comes to me, this blog that you're reading now is the most personal thing to me. For there any doubts, rumours or questions that you would like me to answer, ask away. Not even my Twitter account was ever this personal to me. I have been writing on this blog since i was in lower secondary and look at me now: I'm graduating with a diploma soon!

Again, it is what it is, this blog has been my online diary ever since. I'll have you know that i do not lie in my diary. Honestly, why would i lie to myself? If there is a single piece of hesitance in your head wondering if i lie in this blog or not; trust me. I don't. When i say i'm scared; i honestly am scared. When i say i love you; I really do love you. When i say i'm happy; I am happy.

This blog is by far the most personal piece of essay compilations that i have ever had. Learn it, love it, respect it.


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