Just Another Late Night Ramblings.

Can't find my glasses. Damn. 

I can't quite recall the last time i stayed up this late. It's 5.00am on 8th of January 2015 and i am wide awake. Definitely, without doubt because of the so called power nap that i took earlier for three hours. Hahaha. 

As usual. When i'm provided with internet access, Jinnyboy & Ean, Wong Fu Productions, The Grim Film-- are no strangers to my Youtube search box. I can sit in front of the computer and just watch the videos all night. Do not underestimate how much i look up to their videos. I just spent three hours watching Jinnyboy's videos, even the ones that were uploaded by hitz.fm's YouTube account. 

Oh well. I've talked about Jinnyboy for a number times now, haven't i?

Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku ingin mu dampingiku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik tuk dirimu

Jangan mahu sendiri
Jangan dibiar mati
Bawa ke mari hati ke sini
Pejamkan mata
Bagai mimpi terindah
Lepaskan dirimu dalamku
Taman kamu biar ku memberi

Biar saja air mata mengalir terus mengalir
Biar habis semua dibahuku

Faizal Tahir. Another man who i adore so much, ever since i saw him on One in a Million. I'm not kidding. I've been a fan for that long, and when was that-- 2005? 2006? If i have to name a local singer who can captivate me the most when watching him perform, the award goes to Mr. Faizal Tahir. No kidding. Locally, he is second to none! But don't get me wrong, Aizat, OAG; they are all awesome. Aizat has an amazing voice; both studio and live versions. He was born to sing. But Faizal Tahir right here, he was born to perform. He can nail his singing and performance in a go. Never have i once thought that his performance was boring. 

There's a difference between singing and performing. You can get a stool, grab a guitar and sing for as long as you want and sound better than John Lennon. Performing or entertaining requires singing and elements of entertainment to please (and duhh entertain) the viewers. Faizal Tahir can do that.

I would pay to see Faizal Tahir perform live again. 2006 was too long ago. 


Anonymous said…
Faizal Tahir !!

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