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The truth.


I would like to clarify something. When it comes to me, this blog that you're reading now is the most personal thing to me. For there any doubts, rumours or questions that you would like me to answer, ask away. Not even my Twitter account was ever this personal to me. I have been writing on this blog since i was in lower secondary and look at me now: I'm graduating with a diploma soon!

Again, it is what it is, this blog has been my online diary ever since. I'll have you know that i do not lie in my diary. Honestly, why would i lie to myself? If there is a single piece of hesitance in your head wondering if i lie in this blog or not; trust me. I don't. When i say i'm scared; i honestly am scared. When i say i love you; I really do love you. When i say i'm happy; I am happy.

This blog is by far the most personal piece of essay compilations that i have ever had. Learn it, love it, respect it.
I was randomly singing Belaian Jiwa by Innuendo. Then a person came to mind. And that's when i noticed who i was singing the song for. -X.

Just Another Late Night Ramblings.

Can't find my glasses. Damn. 

I can't quite recall the last time i stayed up this late. It's 5.00am on 8th of January 2015 and i am wide awake. Definitely, without doubt because of the so called power nap that i took earlier for three hours. Hahaha. 
As usual. When i'm provided with internet access, Jinnyboy & Ean, Wong Fu Productions, The Grim Film-- are no strangers to my Youtube search box. I can sit in front of the computer and just watch the videos all night. Do not underestimate how much i look up to their videos. I just spent three hours watching Jinnyboy's videos, even the ones that were uploaded by's YouTube account. 
Oh well. I've talked about Jinnyboy for a number times now, haven't i?
Aku lemah tanpa kamu Ku ingin mu dampingiku Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik tuk dirimu
Jangan mahu sendiri Jangan dibiar mati Bawa ke mari hati ke sini Pejamkan mata Bagai mimpi terindah Lepaskan dirimu dalamku Taman kamu biar ku memberi

Biar saja air mata menga…
New year, new you, ey? We'll see about that. I have a good feeling about 2015 :). Bismillah..

Bring it on.

I didn't go to Singapore, The US, Penang or any concerts to celebrate new year's eye with my friends. Let alone dates. Well, if lepaking at Ijan Burger till past midnight with Ema and Nasyrah is considered as a celebration, then a celebration it is. I'm not gonna tell you in detail but too many miracles happened last night that made us believe that anything is possible in 2015. TOO MANY.

Oh and enough(!) whining about entering 2015 single. You'll find one this year maybe?

Oh well, I hope you have a great year ahead. Be a little more optimistic and productive this year, will ya? Anything is possible. Assalamualaikum :)