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The Jogja trip was amazing. The timing was just perfect. Moreover, i went there with my family and Ayeen (my partner in crime), and we didn't sign up for any tour group, nor did we plan anything beforehand, so last minute plans are always the best plans right?
Well, our primary goal to go to Jogja was actually to observe the filming of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2.

And we did. Their system, the equipments, the work flow are very different from the ones that i know in Malaysia. They take the quality of their movie so bloody seriously. It's not that Malaysia's film makers do not care about the quality of the movie, it's just that we could feel the intensity when we followed this filming. The cinematography of the movie: urghh, magnificent. We got to tag along with the team because of the director of cinematography that my mother knows personally. And frankly, we learned from the best. Quoting an actress who is playing a new role in the movie (yes, i'm trying not to spoil o…

Jogjakarta 2015


Pink Sash :*

It's been awhile no? I kid you not when i said degree is tough. It is bloody tough. Assignment upon assignment, killer subjects-- honestly speaking, i don't know if i can make it for another year and a half. My course is ripping my body apart. 
Sigh. The reason i'm writing is because i have stories to tell y'all so bare with me, fam.
My diploma convocation was last week and i had that pink sash across my body *yayy!*. It felt, really good, fam. Like that sash belonged on my body. I was over the moon. But it kinda sucky tho that we (ANC recipients) had to return the sash 10 minutes after the ceremony. Hence, you don't see that many pictures of me wearing the sash. Mana sempat nak ambik gambar :(
My whole family came. Zu, Nina, Nik and Hana came to Lendu all the way from Seremban too. 

Also, yesterday (November 15th, 2015) The Star wrote an article on me. It was published under the education section. If y'all still got yesterday's paper at home, go through i…
Despite everything, i still consider you one of the closest to me. And to find out news about you from someone else's mouth is just ..... depressing.

My back hurts from the sleepless nights.

Hi guys. 
It's been nearly three weeks and five months since i got into degree. In Shah Alam (thankfully). 
I never thought degree would be like this. Well i kinda predicted the seriousness and the killer subjects, but boy, it's tough. So far i had considered on taking the form to quit this course twice, but i kept reminding myself of why i picked this course in the first place.
Frankly, i barely have time for entertainment. No time for Bones, no time for karaoke-- nothing. I'm taking nine subjects this semester, 10 classes per week and i have homework/assignments to submit almost every single day. Sleeping at 1am is considered early for me.
As we speak, i'm making some time for myself despite my assignments that are due tomorrow because i do not want to abandon this blog. Penat la. I'm really tired. Diploma days are very different from degree. Back then, you get to go into class, laugh off, enjoy the subject and leave. At night, you go makan or lepak. These days,…


Kalau korang google masscomm uitm lendu sebab korang cuak nak masuk diploma and stumbled upon this blog, hey welcome aboard!

Sebelum aku apply or enroll dalam apa2 course, aku biasanya buat research dulu. Baca artikel, baca blog. Baru tau apa yang you're getting yourself into.

So i've just graduated from UiTM Lendu or UiTM Melaka with Diploma in Mass Communication. Or masscomm. Or mass comm. Nak melayu sikit, meskom. Since aku dah habis belajar, dah kira eligible la kan untuk tulis full summary of the course? Ni je lah cara untuk aku nak bagi balik dekat bloggers yg dah banyak tolong aku selama ni.

Masa time aku belajar, 3 tahun = 6 semester. Tapi sekarang diorang dah revise the syllabus and dah cramp into 5 semesters. But i'll be talking from what i experienced lah eh.

Aku rasa all-rounded jugak ah. Masa sem 1-3 tu, aku admit aku macam frustrated jugak ah sebab syllabus tak mencabar. Masa sem 1 ada public speaking dengan introduction to mass media. Sem 2 ada wri…

Social Experiment

Hi, guys. Just a quick word. If you love youtube and you spend so much time at home as much as i do, be sure to watch the right videos. Days ago, i had been going on YouTube watching episode after episode of Kitchen Nightmares. However, just a while a ago, i discovered videos of social experiments and how the public responds to different circumstances.

We read things in the paper and i've written posts upon posts of how hideous the world. But the thing is, from my opinion, my surrounding is still quite safe and the things that we read in the paper do not occur within our vicinity.

 If you feel like you're as oblivious to your surrounding as much as i do, just go search 'social experiments' and have your mind blown.

Here are some videos if you don't know where to start:

Hope and Expectations.

Hello, everyone. I know that i haven't written anything fresh for quite some time now. My fingers aren't running as swiftly as it used to be on the keyboard. But may i share with you just a little piece of mind.

'Hope and expectations' in the context of interpersonal relationships.

Humans are not mind readers. Till date, there is no scientific explanation or evidence that supports telepathy.

Hence, why do most people keep 'dropping hints' and hoping for another person to do something without clearly telling them to do so? Do you get what i'm trying to say? Let me make myself clear. Say, you want the salad that is placed on the other end of the table. But you refuse to say it out loud and you keep hoping that it will be magically transferred to your end of the table. Newsflash: it's not going to happen. If you want something; say it. If you want something; do something about it.

In the context of interpersonal relationships, say, a couple just broke up. …
You know when you feel like your world starts to rumble, you feel like there's a dark grey cloud above your head and it feels like it's going to rain. You feel empty. You feel lost.
At times like that, you start counting your blessings. You start looking around and think of how blessed you are to be granted with such wonderful individuals that you can always count on. Through thick and thin. These people are not physically there by your side, but damn it, you know they'll always have your back. And at that moment, my friend, you'll realise how grateful and joyful you should be instead of mourning and being in despair over something so tiny. Spare your tears from those temporary post-crisis emotions and remember something that is gonna stay in your life forever. The people that you wanna keep for the rest of your life and tell your grandchildren about. 
Happy birthday, sahabat. Take care. (Date written: July 10th, 2015)


When it's past, way past your bedtime,And your eyes decide to rebel And your damp afterwash face breathes perfectly
That's when your mind decides to explore
You don't need a direction to run free You don't need to make life changing decisions. 
Run. Just run. Run towards the horizon.  Imagine the unimaginable. Build anything that you want to build. Sprint. Hop. Twirl. Walk. Imagining is free yet priceless, my love.  Thoughts past 2am give you wonders they say.  And that, my friend, is the magic of being nocturnal.

The Silver Lining.

I could be the emo-est yet the most forgiving person that you'll ever meet.

Especially when it comes to friendships. I can be really angry at you for this month and we can still go out the following month. But looking at the situations as a whole, some people do not value friendships as much as i do. That's my fault. Yes.

I always hope and expect my friends to treasure our friendships like i do. And that's my fault, right? I keep asking for too much and they aren't capable to do such things! I can't do that, i'm torturing them!

The most eye-opening incident was the most recent one. I was stood up by the people who i thought i should keep by my side for as long as live. The ones who i truly care about, the ones who i want to buy souvenirs for when i travel, the ones who i do not mind driving for hours just to see them. After i left, not a single sorry was heard. Not a single hello. Even to date. Like i just vanished into thin air. Tipulah kalau aku kata tak saki…

Perak (Photos!)



Hey, guys. I have so many things to share, both positive and negative, but who has time for negativity, right? Screw das shit.

Alright. Here goes.

Saturday morning. I had a interview for my degree in masscomm for September intake. It was very unlike my diploma interview three years ago. This particular interview actually seemed like what a proper interview should be like. Never have i ever blew my own horn, but this time around, i had to in order to secure a place for my degree. I had to answer questions such as "Do you think you deserve this spot?" "Should we give you this course?" "Do you think you're a good student?". Other than i was asked on the current news, they also asked me to least all ASEAN countries. Hahaha.

Saturday evening. I rushed to KLCC to catch up with Malaysia's Youth Exchange team(For those who didn't know, i often volunteer for youth events so this is one of them). I was supposed to join them on Thursday but due to some err…


Went into the rural area of Perak hoping that i would get some things off my mind.
It kind of did.
Came back to KL with lots of positivity. Texted, called-- boom. I feel even a lot worse than before. I feel lost and empty as fuck. Why do you keep doing this to me?

Reminiscing FITCOMM


It didn't have to be a band or a performer that i extremely adore.  It didn't have to have perfect location, or sound system.  The entire experience of watching him perform in the simplicity was perfect. It really was perfect. 
But i wonder, what made it so perfect in the simplicity? 

It was the company. The fact that i'm enjoying really good music with the people that i truly care about. Surrounded by their faces of joy when they heard their favourite songs.

The faces of "i can't believe this is happening". The kind of joy that you don't need to utter that you're happy, it's written in your eyes and all over your face.

When you see your friends enjoying themselves and being happy of something that you worked hard for, you know that the hard work pays off there and then. 
If we could turn back the time and i need to go through the hassle one more time, i would do it again any day. You must be wondering why I'm reminiscing this one mo…