Semester 6.

It’s been awhile, no? I’m in my second week of my final semester for my diploma. It still feels like a few months ago when I was contemplating whether to go for IR at Nottingham, A-levels at Taylor’s or masscomm at UiTM. And look where I am now—four months left and I’m done for my diploma! *crowd cheering*

In contrast to my prior assumption, I have yet to feel any sort of enthusiasm or sadness for graduation. I feel rather…empty. In all honesty, I don’t know why. I’m puzzled myself; is it normal to feel like this? What am I missing? I don’t even have any mixed emotions, you see. I really don’t feel anything. It feels like “Nak grad dah. Ha okay. I’ll pack my stuff now. Bye, everyone.” Instead of “I’m gonna miss you guys, I’m gonna miss my campus, I’m gonna miss my lecturers, yada yada yada”

Anyway, I have only four subjects left to complete my diploma. Professional project, marketing, translation and flash. I need your prayers man. Wish me luck.

Date written: 9/12/2014


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