2014: Life-changing

I don't know about you but 2014 is definitely the most bitter-sweet year for me. To recap what happened this year kan, i went through my own profile on Instagram via web (so that i could see the dates). And it got me like "Eh, jap. It's still 2014 kan? It was this year?! Bukan tahun lepas ke?!" the entire time. Fuhhhh. It definitely is a very interesting, dramatic, sad, enjoyable, educational, life-changing year for me.

In case it doesn't ring a bell:
  • My trip to Jonker Street for my graphics assignment
  • My trip to Utusan for my publishing assignment
  • My special ed trip for my photo communications
  • My Istimewa event
  • Pulled an all-nighter for my journalism assignment
  • DramaFest KL with Ayeen and Ecah
  • My National Youth Convention event
  • Johor trips (twice!)
  • Terengganu 
  • A mini Puteri lepak session
  • Raya with 'em Puteri bebis
  • Pre-ASEAN Youth Convention
  • Advertising visit to M&C Saatchi and TBWA
  • MC Homecoming
  • My trip to Negeri.fm
  • My trip to MBPJ with RTM's outdoor broadcast team.
  • Cousin's wedding
  • Asrama-ra All-Stars 
  • My birthday celebrations (both Lendu and Seremban bebies)
  • My stabbing incident
  • Conflicts with a number of friends. Let me count-- One, two, three, four, five.. Oh, i can't remember. Too many!
This list is not even close to everything i went through this year.
  1. Banyak gila babeng misunderstanding dengan orang, memang-- hands down-- the year with the most conflicts la wei. Boleh masuk Rina's Book of Records lah. 
  2. If it wasn't for the stabbing thing, i would not have known how many people are concerned about me. Setting aside on whether they are genuinely concerned or not, they still went through the hassle to show their support. In all honesty, i've never felt so loved.
  3. So if you ask me what's the sweetest memory in 2014, it would be after i got stabbed. Partially.
You. Yes, you. My name is Siti Irina binti Ridzwan. If i have ever offended or messed things up with you. I would like to apologise. From the bottom of my heart, i truly am sorry for whatever i did. I know how psychotic, bitchy, heartless and mean i can be and if i have in any way offended you, i am sorry.

And if you and i have fought before or have been going through phases of silent treatment, and you, i don't know, wonder if i have ever forgiven you, i want you to know that i have. I have forgiven you. It's very childish of me if i do not forgive you. But the worst thing that can happen is i have forgiven you but i will never forget what you did. 


Anonymous said…
people can forgive,but not forget.wow,nice post! :)
Gambit said…
Oh thank you, Iman haha

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