Was a fan and still am.

I used to fangirl over your music very much. Well, actually, i still do but you don't see me literally moving to the beat of your songs like i used to. Dah besar ni macam dah pandai segan-segan sikit kot. I like seeing you perform, never fails to brighten up my day. I know how much you love performing. You know the songs that i used to listen to back then, the ones that i could sing to, i still memorise each one of your songs. Blast the songs through some speakers and i can even perform to you right now. Including the dance moves. Hahaha.

The last time i saw you performed live, i tried to hold myself back and not sing along but i couldn't! It hurt me right at my throat when i saw the crowd not singing along to some 'legendary' songs of yours. Probably i was the only one in the crowd who knew word by word? Aiyayay, so i just went on and sang along as if i wasn't sitting right in front of you. Lantak la eh. So i went full on and i assume i sort of humiliated myself in front of some friends. Hoho. And also, i wanted to take a picture with you that day but i was utterly segan for whatever reason; forgive me already.

I was a fan, I am a fan, and i will always be a fan. I love you. I'm so proud of you, captain. Sigh, i wish you could read this.

Jangan-jangan hilang
Harapan yang datang
Bila kulangkah depan
ku takkan pandang belakang
Berjalan sendiri melangkah
Anugerah yang kurasa
Syukur Alhamdulillah.


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