You may have not noticed, but yes, i have deactivated my twitter account. For various reasons.

Banyak benda on twitter yang caused me to be nothing but furious. And i do not like being in fury. Which is also why i deleted my previous post. Siapa yang baca tu, baca la. Siapa yang tak sempat baca, tak payah baca. I consider my anger as my weakness and fuhh, how i hate being there,

Back to Twitter, whenever i read something that led to me being angry, i tended to just put my phone away. Ye la, buat apa you read something yang buat you sakit hati? But a couple of hours later, when i had nothing to do, i'd eventually go back to Twitter and the process applied over and over and over again. So i took a couple of deep breaths and deactivated my Twitter. *exhales* Ugh, hopefully i won't miss a thing.

Today is the 10th day for me being Twitter-free, and hey, I am not addicted to Twitter afterall! So far so good. And this also means that this blog is the only place for me to write/express anything.

That's all from me. For now. Have a great day, everybody ;)


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