Late night confession #1

How oblivious can you be if you do not know how big of a DC Comics fan i can be. I mean, come on! So here's a story. Not even the slightest bit am i interested in watching a Marvel movie. No offence, Marvel movies are just as good, it's just that the ultimate superheroes for me will always be DCs.

However, i have watched Spiderman 1, 2 and 3; and The Avengers. When they were going to release The Avengers and everyone was so hyped for the premiere, it didn't affect me one bit. UNTIL, when i saw a humongous poster of The Hulk with 'Mark Ruffalo'(!) at Mid Valley. I was with Shakireen and Ema that time and i went, "Oh shit! Mark Ruffalo's playing The Hulk?!" and Shakireen's reply was "Duhh, didn't you know?!". Then i said to myself "Okay. I am definitely going to watch this movie."

All in all, i used to have the biggest crush on Mark Ruffalo. He could make me watch a movie just like that. The first time i was 'introduced' to him was through 13 Going On 30. Oh, and if you dare say that he's not adorable in the movie. I'm gonna make you watch the movie over and over again till you can dance to Thriller with me.

And not to forget 'Just Like Heaven'! I don't know, do you ever get that feeling when you watch certain films, your face just feels so warm yet your body feels cold that you need a jacket or a fluffy comforter instantly? I love love love it whenever he acts in rom-coms. He has the phrase 'good guy' written on his forehead. You know who else has the same phrase on his forehead? Patrick Dempsey. If they were animated, they'd have halos on their heads! Lol.


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