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Kuala Lumpur : Part 2

As promised.

The diary-like post.

Hi. It has been over a year but i was reminded of you yesterday. Quite a lot of times, actually. Countless times of the hmm-how-i-wish-you're-here-right now occurrence. Especially when we lacked of manpower, i knew you'd help out if you were around. Oh, and i met your parents too. Spoke to your father, hugged your mom. They're definitely, without doubt, two of the strongest people i know. And your father told me that they're finally switching off your phone because it's been over a year, you see. Heck, i didn't know it was on all this while! Hahaha! Or i wouldn't have....
We miss you, bud. I miss you. Al-Fatihah.

Kuala Lumpur.

So I just finished my three-day-two-night around KL and Selangor! (As jakun as that may sound)
No, it’s not like I’ve never been around KL, it’s just that I took the routes that I’d never taken and they made me see Kuala Lumpur in a whole different perspective. And probably because I went for the tour at night, I’ve never realized that (putting the dangerous part aside) Kuala Lumpur is really, really pretty at night. I had never gotten the chance to take a stroll around the city at night because, you know, I take the public transport most of the time and the last train to Seremban is at 11. This time around, I slept at Ema’s place and that explains how I got the chance to take a walk around the city.
Whenever my dad drove around Bukit Bintang at night, the street seemed like a very eerie place to go; too crowded, too many weird people and I was just “Whoop, not gonna come here!”
But I did the other day with Ema and it was not so bad.
Of course, I felt very vulnerable and insecure that I…

Puisi 7 kerat.

Masa berjalan Bukan kebelakang tapi kedepan Aku dah buntu Takut tak cukup waktu Sekarang dah kurang daripada tiga hari Tapi kenapa kau tak sampai lagi?
Wahai mood untuk study advertising?


So you are in a relationship.
Have you noticed that you only have two options ahead of you?

It's either you get married or break up.

Sure, you don't have to decide now.
But you sure need to make up your mind sooner or later.
Don't deny that.

If you're so sure that you don't want to get married to him/her,
why waste time?