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Benda paling sakit sekali is when people keep saying that you're strong and all fearless when the real deal is that you know you're not. Struggling like mad every single day, put on a poker face and pretend like it's alright when you know nothing is right. If you lepak with me long enough, then you'd know i'm not fearless. Pfft.

September 10th, 2014.

For the flowers, cards, fruits, drinks, food, donations, toys and pillow. For the support, company, visits, prayers, concerns, thoughts and worries. For the calls, texts, hashtags, tweets, facebook. Family, friends and well-wishers from Malaysia especially Seremban, UiTM Lendu, Johor, KL, to overseas: Indonesia, my ASEAN friends and the United States. Thank you. I wouldn't possibly be recovering this fast if it wasn't for your prayers and concerns. I can't thank you enough. Thank you.

Hello. This is officially my first post since the incident. Honestly, thinking of your concerns and the troubles that you have to go through just to see me recover washes off the pain. I don't know how to repay you. I'm really thankful that i'm surrounded with you kind-hearted, caring and thoughtful people. What happened was almost unbearable. But with you, i managed to go through them all. The first few days were the most painful days of my life. I couldn't even move an inch w…

Aidilfitri 2014

Recognise these faces? You don't know how grateful i was to be able to see them again. It felt like school all over again! So glad to have you guys back :)