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For you.

Good day, everyone. I have a movie critique to be submitted in about 5 hours but I need a break and I wanna write.
Here I am, talking about love again. I used to think that love songs are nothing but bullshit, saying how you would do so many things for your beau. I stood corrected when I experience it myself. And the best part is I have that kind of affection towards my friends. Urgh, I can’t find another term for them. I feel the term ‘friends’ is too distant and meaningless.
Anyway, I love it when I look at them and think to myself how grateful I am to have you in my life. I just thought you should know that I honestly do feel happy when you’re happy. Going through some fuss, getting cuts and bruises are nothing if I can make you happy. Spending some ringgit just so I could see you smile is definitely worth the money. Don’t stress yourself—you’re stressing me out too. Lying to your face is definitely the most painful thing I can ever think of. Or worse—knowing how much you hate me.

Nak jadi journalist kena la acah-acah press berhimpit-himpit nak interview lol