There's this person that i'd been wanting to approach. One day, i actually approached that person and we actually talked things through. I let my heart out and i ended up in tears. We hugged and there was this victory feeling i felt when we did because God knows how long have i been wanting to get that hug. It felt like a miracle.

Boom. My phone vibrated. It was just a dream. Nothing happened except i actually cried in my sleep.

I know i speak about my dreams/sleep a lot. It's, i don't know, probably a way for me to connect with my subconscious. My dreams truly rock. They like making me feel "I can't believe this is actually happening. I have waited so long for this!" then "Oh. It was just a dream." a moment after. Well at least my dreams allow me to experience the situation.

You won't believe how frequent i get these kind of dreams. Dreams are dreams. Nothing more, nothing less. And i'm never going to get that hug anyway. Am i?


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