Happy birthday, Kiddo!

Yes, i deliberately did not wish you on your birthday. It has been a habit of not wishing my friends on their birthdays. I know, it's bad.

But anyway, you're 19 now! Have a great year ahead and i just want you to enjoy being 19. I know i had fun when i was 19. And i just wanna say thank you for having my back and always lending your ear whenever i needed someone to talk to. You're one of the reasons why i haven't given up on writing and you're the reason my this blog still exists. 

Your spirit is admirable and continue doing things that you love. Life is tough at some points in life. It's inevitable. But if you keep doing things that you love and stay truthful, InsyaAllah you can make it through. I may not seem like i'm online or busy most of the time, but that's just because i like keeping myself occupied. You have my number, you know where my house is, if you wanna reach me, you know what to do. Just in case you're wondering, no, i do not forget my friends and i have never forgotten you.

Best wishes, happy belated birthday,
i love you, Fa :)


I've been wanting to reply to this oh so very sweet, wonderful message for so long sampai I pun terlupa hehehe :p To read this, especially from one of the people who meant so much to me, the feeling is just indescribable. To see my name in one of your posts, on one of my fave blogs, this is definitely one of the things that I shall never EVER forget! I even printscreen this shizz okayyy hahaha :p I have so many things to tell you, and I warn you now, that I will bombard your whatsapp anytime with my stories so be prepared :p And I just wanna let you know, that I too will never forget you. I mean, how can I? I love you too and I'm so looking forward for another hangout with one of my inspirations xo

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