Movies vs. Reality

Sakit hati gila bila tengok these people who can just barge into their friend's house and say "Hey, i hope i'm not interrupting" and their friends be like "Oh, no, you're not. I was just looking at the stars" or something like that. Kalau kita mesti macam "Eh, umm, awat tak habaq nak mai? I'm mopping the floor, after this i gotta wash the car and fold some clothes. You can wait in the room for awhile." And then kalau kita mesti parents suruh buat air la, goreng karipap la, kukus pepes la.

Oh, and the people in films sanggup datang all the way from their house to their friend's place, stay 2 minit, cakap 10 patah perkataan, pastu balik. Like, eh, banyak duit mak bapak kau, bayar duit minyak kereta kau nak drive all the way nak cakap 10 patah perkataan? Kau mesti tak pernah bergayut on the phone kan?


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