(Just something that i wrote earlier and didn't get the chance to post it.)

It is a Wednesday and i am sitting at Starbucks Jusco S2 alone. As usual.

There isn't that many people like how it would usually be during the weekends. You know how Starbucks is, always filled with hipster teenagers sitting on the couch next to the glass window, how the tables outside are occupied by the early 20s, catching up with each other(ex-schoolmates maybe). It is rather quiet on weekdays. And here i am, sitting at a round table for 4, hating myself for being attached.

I hate it how in 2010, I was able to stroll around the mall alone and not feel like i miss and need someone to be by my side and 2014; i feel totally the opposite. I somehow feel like i was much more independent back then. Sekarang ni semua benda rasa macam nak kena berteman. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it to know that i'm relying on someone.

Doe, you don't have to say it but we all know that you'll eventually distant yourself from us. We won't be that close anymore, we won't share that many secrets anymore and we won't talk that much anymore. Everyone has the right to take the path that they choose and i'm not gonna stop you from that. I guess i just have to learn to stand on my own feet. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.


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