"For every time you get into a relationship, you lose a friend."

How would you agree with the title? 

I have to agree with it. And i have to confess that i hate it when my friends get into relationships, because it just means that i'll only be needed when he can't listen to her problems or later when she's back single. 

When my friends get into relationships, of course i'm happy. I'm happy whenever they're happy. It's just that at times it makes me feel like a doormat. I can't recall the last time we talk about me or you instead of you (you and him). Like, hello, since when have i switched jobs from being a friend to a love consultant? Don't get me wrong, I feel honoured that you'd come find me when you need an ear to listen, but do you have to make it that obvious that that's the only reason why we're still talking?


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