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Movies vs. Reality

Sakit hati gila bila tengok these people who can just barge into their friend's house and say "Hey, i hope i'm not interrupting" and their friends be like "Oh, no, you're not. I was just looking at the stars" or something like that. Kalau kita mesti macam "Eh, umm, awat tak habaq nak mai? I'm mopping the floor, after this i gotta wash the car and fold some clothes. You can wait in the room for awhile." And then kalau kita mesti parents suruh buat air la, goreng karipap la, kukus pepes la.
Oh, and the people in films sanggup datang all the way from their house to their friend's place, stay 2 minit, cakap 10 patah perkataan, pastu balik. Like, eh, banyak duit mak bapak kau, bayar duit minyak kereta kau nak drive all the way nak cakap 10 patah perkataan? Kau mesti tak pernah bergayut on the phone kan?

Why I Love Lex Luthor : Part 1.

In case who haven't figured it out yet, i was an avid follower of Smallville. I literally watched every single episode from the first season all the way till the sixth season. I stopped watching in the middle of the seventh season because i thought it was getting more absurd. Because it was a Friendster era, i answered approximately more than a hundred questions on Smallville and my title was the 'Semi-Goddess'. Believe it or not.
Who is my favourite character you may ask? Lex Luthor. If you know what he has been through, how tough his life is, you would feel like he is the real nemesis of Superman. Which is why, i'm going to start posting reasons or situations that make me love Lex even more. ____________________________________________
Smallville : Season 1, episode 8.
Lex Luthor and Clark Kent were held hostage at a Luthorcorp plant. Lionel (Lex's father), Jonathan and Martha Kent (Clark's parents) were waiting outside. As Lex and Clark left the building, Clark …

"For every time you get into a relationship, you lose a friend."

How would you agree with the title? 
I have to agree with it. And i have to confess that i hate it when my friends get into relationships, because it just means that i'll only be needed when he can't listen to her problems or later when she's back single. 
When my friends get into relationships, of course i'm happy. I'm happy whenever they're happy. It's just that at times it makes me feel like a doormat. I can't recall the last time we talk about me or you instead of you (you and him). Like, hello, since when have i switched jobs from being a friend to a love consultant? Don't get me wrong, I feel honoured that you'd come find me when you need an ear to listen, but do you have to make it that obvious that that's the only reason why we're still talking?


I'm on my semester break and i'm trying to occupy it. I worked for my secondary school, can you believe it? They called me during the first fortnight of my break to assist them with some science project. I was told to record, edit and burn the videos into CDs. That was my first pay ever(excluding the times when i worked for my father la) and the satisfaction was indescribable.
On a totally unrelated note, I feel like there are too many ideas stuck in my head. I don't know how to get them out! If only i could just bang my head to the wall and boom, the ideas come spilling out of the idea drawer and channels to the brain, that'd be greaat. If only. Is that even logical? If only. 
I'm gonna make/produce something this year. I'm batshit serious. More serious than how Tommy Lee Jones look most of the time. Wish me luck, guys. I love you.

Legoland - May '14

I hope this explains why i was MIA for a few weeks.

(Just something that i wrote earlier and didn't get the chance to post it.)

It is a Wednesday and i am sitting at Starbucks Jusco S2 alone. As usual.
There isn't that many people like how it would usually be during the weekends. You know how Starbucks is, always filled with hipster teenagers sitting on the couch next to the glass window, how the tables outside are occupied by the early 20s, catching up with each other(ex-schoolmates maybe). It is rather quiet on weekdays. And here i am, sitting at a round table for 4, hating myself for being attached.
I hate it how in 2010, I was able to stroll around the mall alone and not feel like i miss and need someone to be by my side and 2014; i feel totally the opposite. I somehow feel like i was much more independent back then. Sekarang ni semua benda rasa macam nak kena berteman. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it to know that i'm relying on someone.
Doe, you don't have to say it but we all know that you'll eventually distant yourself from us. We won't be that close anymore, we won't share that man…