"What would be the best day of your life?"

For me, i don't think it would be the day of my graduation. It wouldn't be my wedding day.

It would be the day when i can spend however i want; without having curfew; without thinking of work the next day; without receiving a single call for the entire day from my sister or my parents and just spend the day with the people i trust and am comfortable with; without worrying of what people would think; without wondering if we're bothering anyone else.

Maybe we can all sit by a camp fire or a fire pit and we can just talk the entire night // 
// Lay down and fall asleep by the beach on bare sand //
// Talk about the things that we never thought we would talk about //
// Be so darn honest with each other // 

That would definitely be a splendid day for me.
No money needed, just some time and trust.


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