JinnyBoyTV 2.0

There has got to be something that you dream to do, right? Like meeting your celebrity crushes, or be a famous pop star

I have a lot in mind and when i say a lot, i mean A LOT. The thing that is surfacing right now would definitely be being a part of JinnyBoyTV. I don't know, man. The entire team is exactly what i have always wanted to be, ever since i was in high school. They produce these really good short films on YouTube with spectacular quality, i must say. Like, urgh, why aren't i this creative?! 

To be frank, Farah and I have always dreamed of producing these kind of films. Good message, good cinematography, short and sweet. It's just unfortunate that we are in different cities, different universities and different courses that to be able to even meet each other once a month is indescribably wonderful. 

Ergo, i have a mission: I have to produce at least 4 short films during my entire lifetime. (I know 4 sounds too little, but i'm turning 20 and we haven't produced anything together). Wish me luck!


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Gambit said…
Yayyy! Thank youu! :D

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