Count your blessings: Part 2.

Recently, God has been showing me signs that you won't know sweetness if you haven't felt bitterness. You will not appreciate the luxury if you haven't been through hardships. Agree?

Honestly, you must have been through times when your friend gets all cheapskate and you go "Alaa, takkan la McD RM10 tu pun nak berkira?", no? Think of it this way. If a person has to work his butt off at a place that pays RM4/hour, do you think he would work two and a half hours just to get a McValue meal at McDonald's? Nope, no, definitely not. 

Each of us has obviously felt hardships regardless of financially, socially or mentally. Sometimes when we think that a person has never felt hardships, think again. Also, God is never evil that if He takes something away, He takes a few other things away as well. If a person is surrounded with so many people who loves her, she could be facing financial problems. If she is a wallflower, she could be the most talented person you'll ever know. If she is utterly rich, she could be facing domestic violence too. 

It's so easy, isn't it, to tell people to appreciate things before they lose them. Yet, so hard to do.

I admit, there were times when i felt like yelling at people who pretended to know the problems i faced. "You have to be strong. I've been there. I know how it feels like."

And quietly i said to myself "Heck, you have no idea what you're talking about! You were barely in my shoe!" The words that came out of those people were my laughing stock. Pretending to be the experts of my forte-- joke. What a joke. At that point, with me being so foolish, they were these irritants who looked me at with those sympathetic eyes; at the same time, trying to tell me of how pathetic i can be.

But that was then.

It took me quite awhile to realise that, hey, at least i have someone to back me up. At least i have someone who cares about me. At least i have someone who still loves me. At least i have someone who doesn't like seeing me being so low. At least i still have someone around me. At least i have someone.


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