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Bahasa Melayu : Terasa x kecil hati x makan hati 
English : offended əˈfɛndɪd/ adjective - resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult.
Although i feel like 'offended' is an understatement of 'terasa' because i personally feel that 'terasa' has a deeper meaning, that's what i'm going to talk about in this post.
I don't usually feel offended by people that easily. Well, i casually do but i overcome it very easily. Recently(and by recent i mean about a week-or-so ago), i was offended by a person who is quite close to me. I hate to admit that the reason was quite foolish and childish. I have no rational reason to get offended to begin with. I was terribly offended that i began cursing as soon i got to be alone. 
Then it hit me like a train.
A few weeks ago, there was a case where one of my close friends was offended by another friend for quite a foolish reason too. I kept telling my friends that it was preposterous for that friend to get…

Count your blessings: Part 2.

Recently, God has been showing me signs that you won't know sweetness if you haven't felt bitterness. You will not appreciate the luxury if you haven't been through hardships. Agree?
Honestly, you must have been through times when your friend gets all cheapskate and you go "Alaa, takkan la McD RM10 tu pun nak berkira?", no? Think of it this way. If a person has to work his butt off at a place that pays RM4/hour, do you think he would work two and a half hours just to get a McValue meal at McDonald's? Nope, no, definitely not. 
Each of us has obviously felt hardships regardless of financially, socially or mentally. Sometimes when we think that a person has never felt hardships, think again. Also, God is never evil that if He takes something away, He takes a few other things away as well. If a person is surrounded with so many people who loves her, she could be facing financial problems. If she is a wallflower, she could be the most talented person you'll eve…

JinnyBoyTV 2.0

There has got to be something that you dream to do, right? Like meeting your celebrity crushes, or be a famous pop star
I have a lot in mind and when i say a lot, i mean A LOT. The thing that is surfacing right now would definitely be being a part of JinnyBoyTV. I don't know, man. The entire team is exactly what i have always wanted to be, ever since i was in high school. They produce these really good short films on YouTube with spectacular quality, i must say. Like, urgh, why aren't i this creative?! 
To be frank, Farah and I have always dreamed of producing these kind of films. Good message, good cinematography, short and sweet. It's just unfortunate that we are in different cities, different universities and different courses that to be able to even meet each other once a month is indescribably wonderful. 
Ergo, i have a mission: I have to produce at least 4 short films during my entire lifetime. (I know 4 sounds too little, but i'm turning 20 and we haven't produ…

"What would be the best day of your life?"

For me, i don't think it would be the day of my graduation. It wouldn't be my wedding day.
It would be the day when i can spend however i want; without having curfew; without thinking of work the next day; without receiving a single call for the entire day from my sister or my parents and just spend the day with the people i trust and am comfortable with; without worrying of what people would think; without wondering if we're bothering anyone else.
Maybe we can all sit by a camp fire or a fire pit and we can just talk the entire night //  // Lay down and fall asleep by the beach on bare sand // // Talk about the things that we never thought we would talk about // // Be so darn honest with each other // 
That would definitely be a splendid day for me.
No money needed, just some time and trust.

Brain vs heart

Liking the ones who you shouldn't like Hating the ones you should love Distancing yourself from the ones you should be close with Denying the feelings you should be standing for Egotistical at the wrong times.
Feelings suck, no?

Don't read: Too much hate on this post.

I have never felt this irritated with anyone before. You're always around, you're everywhere! You're on my instagram, you're on my twitter, you're on my whatsapp, you're everywhere! If only there is a more subtle way to tell you to back off.. You wouldn't listen to what i say, you would emphasize on all of the wrong points, and you're 'teaching' me how to feel, and you dare say that i'm lying about my own feelings?! What?! Urgh, just leave me alone! 
I need a getaway. Stat.