Study week!

Alhamdulillah, i have completed my fourth semester(minus my final exams la lol)!

I'm currently in my study week and as ironic as it may sound, i'm rewarding myself with academic-book-free week. I can't explain how tiring the past few weeks have been. I can't recall keeping myself as occupied with studies as the last few weeks. There were nights when we didn't sleep at all, when we slept at 9am, 6am, wow.

The stop-motion video i talked about, it went okay la. It wasn't great, it wasn't disappointing, it was just alright. Why? I started shooting the video in less than 24 hours from the time of submission. Talking about last minute, for my Journalism group assignment, we finished compiling our full report within the last hour before class. Class was at 8.30am; we finished the assignment at 7.40-ish, and we printed at 8.10am. And with absolutely no practice or preparation, we nailed our presentation. Alhamdulillah.

If i can conclude the semester with one word, it would be 'last minute'. Okay, make it two.

If you do follow my instagram and twitter, you may have heard about my batch event called 'Istimewa'. Istimewa is a photo gallery by the semester four students, in partnership with 'H.A.V.O.C', an event by the semester two students and our main objective was to celebrate the disabled ones. Hence, the trip to PDK Kuala Pilah.

Altimet performing 'Syukur'

Mak Cik Sengau

Our class performance by 'Ab' and 'Ijat'

These four pictures were taken during Istimewa. Now, on to classes.

The faces of the nigguhs who didn't sleep the entire night.

Our last Journalism class. 

Our last Issues in Modern Malaysia class.

Ps: I apologise that the quality of the images are not up to satisfactory since they were all taken using my iPhone. DSLR tertinggal dekat Seremban. And sorry banyak gambar. Eh, apasal sorry? Blog aku kan?


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