I doubt i'd ever get this kinda feeling if i were to be somewhere else. I don't quite remember the last time i feel like i belong somewhere. Oh yes, the last three years of school. 

I love it here. I love being in Lendu. I often miss Lendu and my friends here. Vividly describing how much i love it here is not an easy thing. This place feels like home and i'm already halfway through. Yes, it is a long way to go, but i can't imagine how it'd be like after diploma. 

I'm blessed to have this kind of people around. The kind of people who would help me through whatever BS that i need to penetrate. The kind of people who would teach me how to be independent and clean up my mess the nice way. Through thick and thin, through high and low. I pray to the Creator to protect and defend this friendship and let it last forever.

This course. Weeks upon weeks, months upon months, years upon years have i wondered how on earth did i end up with this course. Mass communication. Can you see how International Relations is far from intertwining with Mass Communication? I think i'm starting to see it now. If i were to take International Relations, i wouldn't be going to have this much fun. Photography and videography were my thing. Still are. I'm in my fourth semester and last semester, Alhamdulillah, my friends and i had successfully produced a short film. In two weeks, i will be submitting my first stop motion video. On a different aspect, I was my class' overall best speaker in my first semester. In my third semester, my team went to BERNAMA to hold an interview with its Senior Corporate Communication Officer for my Public Relations department. In this semester, we went to Utusan Malaysia for another interview for our Publishing subject.

Man, never have i thought that diploma would be this much fun. I never want this to end. Now can you understand why i keep promoting UiTM's Mass Communication to people? This is just too good to be true. Look, it's only my fourth semester and i'm already talking like i'm graduating soon.

Expect more of this kind of posts when i'm graduating! Love.


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