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I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that i doubted. I'm sorry that i thought you were a big fat liar. I'm sorry that i didn't trust you. You told me so many stories that sounded surreal even when we weren't that close. You told me the kind of stories that you would only tell your best friend even when we just got to know each other for a few months. So i thought you lied. Now that i know that those were nothing but the truth, you are truthfully one of the nicest(probably the nicest) person i've ever known my whole entire life and i'm sorry i didn't trust you. Now don't you dare leave me.
Great, now i'm stuck with this guilt of ever doubting you.

Heads up.

First and foremost, i would like to apologise if i have not replied or responded to anything you tweeted/commented/whatsapped/texted me. Also, if i haven't been treating you right.

I know how much all of you hate it when i do that but i'll have you know that i'm in the state where i am not feeling so good both mentally and physically. Since i am approaching the end of my semester aka the submission week, i haven't been able to run my life as laid back as i usually would.

Again, i apologise. Thank you for understanding. I love you.

Special ed.

Thanks to our photo communication event for this opportunity. Eheh.