Semester 4: Preface

Banyak gila pakai duit. Ini tak tipu.

1. Introduction to Photo Communication: Thank God, I already have a DSLR. The only expenditure would be on going places to find some good shots.
2. Graphic Communication: I bought a new laptop since my old laptop is too old to support some software. Also, we need to produce a booklet on Melaka's food. Hence, money for fuel, the food itself, dummy and the final outcome. 
3. Publishing: Going to a publishing house in KL InsyaAllah next week to document the entire publishing process. Dari pagi, sampai pagi the next day. Duit minyak lagi, duit makan. 

Dassit. Bunyi macam tak banyak, tapi banyak sebenarnya. But i know it's gonna be a terrific semester :)


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