I have this problem. Except for the ones who have known me for an extremely long time, i get segan or malu unnecessarily when it comes to asking people for help. At times i feel like nak kena sepak pun ada by those 'new friends'. Contohnya kawan-kawan UiTM. Nak kata i'm not comfortable with them, boleh kata comfortable gila jugak la. For the tiniest things like 'pass the rice' or 'help me carry something', i'd refuse all the help i can get. Sebab as long as i can do things myself, buat apa nak menyusahkan orang, betul tak?

And maybe the major reason is because i am troublesome. Really. I am troublesome, clumsy and forgetful, hands down. You might wonder how troublesome i can be, huh?

Exhibit A: If i'm outside driving and think that maybe i have to stop by at a grocery store to grab some eggs before i head home, i would miss the turn to the store and head straight home. Then i would make a U-turn and head to the store.
Exhibit B: I leave my things by accident at random places. Tertinggal wallet dekat cafe la, tertinggal kunci kereta dekat kereta kawan la. 

Thinking of how menyusahkan i can be, i'd try my very best to not ask for people's help. I know a lot of people are annoyed by me for doing so because diorang tak kesah pun nak tolong buat the little things like turning on the lights ke, pass the things on the table ke. But, that's just my principle. I know i would ask for their help sooner or later.

Hence, might just save it for later.


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