About a week ago, Jeremy Little tweeted about this book. I decided to give it a shot. 

If you feel like you need a little kick for your spirit to keep you going, read this. You would not regret. This book is 434-page long and it's free to be downloaded for the time being. Go google #ProjekBuku now.

#ProjekBuku is a compilation of writings by the people in Malaysia's music industry. If you're sick of reading stories about the music industry from the eyes of the reporters, media, then yeah, you should probably listen to these artistes' side of the story. From Rina Omar, Liyana Fizi, Anas Amdan, AG Coco, DJ Fuzz, to Jeremy Little, Ahmad Izham Omar, DJ Uno, Malique, Radhi OAG, Monoloque and Yuna.


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