If 2013 were a food, it would be an ABC with an ice cream on top.

As i am writing this, i just got back from work and i'm lying on my bed. It has only been two days and i have never felt this worn out in a really long time!

Before i forget(in which i already did), I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May 2014 be a year full of joy, prosperity and excitement for you. 2013 had been a splendid year for me and i hope that it has been a great year for you too.

Summary of 2013:
I love 2013. It has been one of the best and most interesting years in a long time.
My brother got married (his first born was born last week on December 26), more weddings, the loss of a brother, my second semester event FETAL was held in March, backstabbing friends, my trip to BERNAMA, Tiket Ke Syurga. Urgh, it is remarkable how many times i have been through the Ya-Allah-why-did-i-do-that moment this year. I should get an award!

Most of all, i love and i thank 2013 for bringing me closer to my friends. For the crazy things we did, for the times we spent together, for the things we confessed, for bringing out the true colours in everyone, for giving us the ability of showing our concerns and love for each other, i thank You. Just when we thought of giving up, when we thought the tests were unbearable, when You took away the ones we love, You showed us the path. Here we are, in a brand new year.

In spite of the sweetness of the adventure, let's not forget our loved ones that we have lost. You may have left us in 2013, but you'll never leave our memories. Al-Faatihah.


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