How i celebrated my New Year's Eve.


So here's a story of how a Gambit celebrated New Year's Eve.

This particular restaurant is my family's favourite Chinese-Muslim seafood restaurant. You know some people's definition of 'makan besar' is going to a Malay restaurant and ordering a table full of food like sweet and sour fish, honey lemon chicken, telur bungkus and kerabu mangga; my family would go to this restaurant instead. I can honestly say that we dine in at the restaurant as often as once a month.

Newsflash: About a week before 2013 ended, my father said that he is buying and taking over the restaurant because the business wasn't doing so good. It was fine by me. Initially, i thought it'd be fun to work there since it's a place that i'm really familiar with.

On December 31st 2013, my father took me there at noon. I learned how to use the cash register. Well, the one that i used to use when i took care of my late grandmother's store was just a basic one, without using a computer. I'm not used to using the ones with a computer. Supposedly, i would be in charge of the cash register if there isn't anyone available to work there. As i was trying to get used to the machine, my father told me that i would be fully in-charged of it. During my absentees, my sister would replace me. 

So that's what i did throughout the night all the way till the closing time. We closed at 11pm. Haha the story doesn't end here, my love. For the conflict between the employee and the previous management of the restaurant, the worker who was supposed to do the dishes left early, way earlier than he should. Hence, piles, stacks and mountains of dirty dishes. 

A Chinese-Muslim seafood restaurant. Can you imagine the amount of plates, silverwares and containers that are used per night? We washed roughly around 250 plates that night. And that was only half of it. Starting at 11pm all the way till 1am, we did the dishes in the kitchen.

And that's how i celebrated New Year's eve. I didn't even see any fireworks; all i could see were the mountains of dirty dishes. When i was busy scrubbing the plates, i heard the fireworks. Then i looked at my mother who was next to me, "Happy New Year, Ma".


Anonymous said…
So where exactly is this 'particular' restaurant? Oh and Happy New Year ! May 2014 brings you more luck, rezeki, success, good health and happiness, In Shaa Allah ! :)
Gambit said…
As much as i'd love to tell you the name and location, i prefer knowing who i talk to first :p

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