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I have this problem. Except for the ones who have known me for an extremely long time, i get segan or malu unnecessarily when it comes to asking people for help. At times i feel like nak kena sepak pun ada by those 'new friends'. Contohnya kawan-kawan UiTM. Nak kata i'm not comfortable with them, boleh kata comfortable gila jugak la. For the tiniest things like 'pass the rice' or 'help me carry something', i'd refuse all the help i can get. Sebab as long as i can do things myself, buat apa nak menyusahkan orang, betul tak?

And maybe the major reason is because i am troublesome. Really. I am troublesome, clumsy and forgetful, hands down. You might wonder how troublesome i can be, huh?

Exhibit A: If i'm outside driving and think that maybe i have to stop by at a grocery store to grab some eggs before i head home, i would miss the turn to the store and head straight home. Then i would make a U-turn and head to the store.
Exhibit B: I leave my things by ac…

Something Borrowed.



They tell you to wish upon an eyelash before you blow it. They tell you to wish before you blow your candles. They tell you to wish upon a shooting star.

Initially, of course you'd be Oh-God-i-have-so-many-things-in-my-head for a couple of seconds, but what would you truly wish for? To marry that secret crush of yours? To live your dream life? To meet your celebrity crush? To sustain your life as it is? What? 

Let me know.

Semester 4: Preface

Banyak gila pakai duit. Ini tak tipu.
1. Introduction to Photo Communication: Thank God, I already have a DSLR. The only expenditure would be on going places to find some good shots. 2. Graphic Communication: I bought a new laptop since my old laptop is too old to support some software. Also, we need to produce a booklet on Melaka's food. Hence, money for fuel, the food itself, dummy and the final outcome.  3. Publishing: Going to a publishing house in KL InsyaAllah next week to document the entire publishing process. Dari pagi, sampai pagi the next day. Duit minyak lagi, duit makan. 
Dassit. Bunyi macam tak banyak, tapi banyak sebenarnya. But i know it's gonna be a terrific semester :)


About a week ago, Jeremy Little tweeted about this book. I decided to give it a shot. 

If you feel like you need a little kick for your spirit to keep you going, read this. You would not regret. This book is 434-page long and it's free to be downloaded for the time being. Go google #ProjekBuku now.
#ProjekBuku is a compilation of writings by the people in Malaysia's music industry. If you're sick of reading stories about the music industry from the eyes of the reporters, media, then yeah, you should probably listen to these artistes' side of the story. From Rina Omar, Liyana Fizi, Anas Amdan, AG Coco, DJ Fuzz, to Jeremy Little, Ahmad Izham Omar, DJ Uno, Malique, Radhi OAG, Monoloque and Yuna.

Have you?

Have you ever wondered if someone has ever dreamt about you? (Other than the ones you know, of course)

Have you ever wondered if you if the people you trust have ever bitched about you?

Have you ever thought that maybe someone secretly wants to befriend you but is just too shy?

Has it ever crossed your mind if someone looks up to you?

Have you ever thought that maybe whenever you lie to someone, they could just figure it out but they just keep quiet, trying to play your game?

Have you ever thought that maybe some people want to tell you how much they miss you but they restrain themselves, just as much as you restrain yourself?

Have you?

If 2013 were a food, it would be an ABC with an ice cream on top.

As i am writing this, i just got back from work and i'm lying on my bed. It has only been two days and i have never felt this worn out in a really long time!

Before i forget(in which i already did), I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May 2014 be a year full of joy, prosperity and excitement for you. 2013 had been a splendid year for me and i hope that it has been a great year for you too.

Summary of 2013:
I love 2013. It has been one of the best and most interesting years in a long time.
My brother got married (his first born was born last week on December 26), more weddings, the loss of a brother, my second semester event FETAL was held in March, backstabbing friends, my trip to BERNAMA, Tiket Ke Syurga. Urgh, it is remarkable how many times i have been through the Ya-Allah-why-did-i-do-that moment this year. I should get an award!

Most of all, i love and i thank 2013 for bringing me closer to my friends. For the crazy things we did, for the times we spent together, for the things…

How i celebrated my New Year's Eve.


So here's a story of how a Gambit celebrated New Year's Eve.

This particular restaurant is my family's favourite Chinese-Muslim seafood restaurant. You know some people's definition of 'makan besar' is going to a Malay restaurant and ordering a table full of food like sweet and sour fish, honey lemon chicken, telur bungkus and kerabu mangga; my family would go to this restaurant instead. I can honestly say that we dine in at the restaurant as often as once a month.

Newsflash: About a week before 2013 ended, my father said that he is buying and taking over the restaurant because the business wasn't doing so good. It was fine by me. Initially, i thought it'd be fun to work there since it's a place that i'm really familiar with.

On December 31st 2013, my father took me there at noon. I learned how to use the cash register. Well, the one that i used to use when i took care of my late grandmother's store was just a basic one, without using…