Write, write, write.

I have just finished my second journalism class and i'm in doubt.

Do i want to be a journalist? Regardless of my passion in pursuing my degree in International Relations or Public Relations, writing is what i love doing. My mood to write might not kick in every time but it is one of my ways to channel whatever i feel.

No, i do not want to be a reporter. I want to be a journalist. From what i have learned so far, correct me if i am wrong, a reporter reports facts while a journalist writes his/her opinion supported by facts and is able to persuade readers to his/her thinking.

If i ever become a journalist, i want to do feature writing. A feature writing is when a journalist writes freely on his/her opinions i.e: columns, lifestyle, health. From my own perspective-- it is just like writing an essay or a term paper. 

And now my doubt is: Can i do it?


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