Chapter Four.

A couple of days before the first class of the semester, i was ecstatic. Being aware that i would learn more mass communication subjects and soft skills, i couldn't wait for classes to start!

For this particular semester, i'm taking up six subjects; Economics, Publishing and Media Design, Journalism, Graphics Design, Photo Communication and Issues in Modern Malaysia.

Now i'm already in my second week of the semester-- and boom goes the excitement. Knowing that the subjects this semester are tad, okay scratch that, wayy heavier than subjects i took in my previous semesters, my knees are starting to shake. The assignments are extremely more challenging.

As an example, during my previous semester, my team interviewed the Head of Corporate Communication Department of BERNAMA for our Public Relations assignment. It wasn't that hard actually since the set of questions were given by the lecturer and we were not allowed to ask additional questions. However, for Publishing and Media Design this semester, we are required to set an appointment and interview a representative of a publishing house in Malaysia in which the questions are set up by us. We need to ask everything we need to know, make sure all questions are answered and no room for mistakes.

I'm taking this as a challenge. I want to learn, don't i? This is the only way. Bismillah.


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