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Buat bodoh.

Zaman sekarang ni, kalau tak nak cepat emo,
kuatkan hati
pekakkan telinga
butakan mata
InsyaAllah, you can make it through

Kalau ada yang hunus pedang dekat hati kita
ingat satu benda je:
orang yang tengah 'panas' akan meletup
dan dia sendiri tak sedar apa yang dia muntahkan.

Janganlah ambik hati sangat
sebab orang tu sendiri akan rasa menyesal
lepas dia terkam kita macam tu

Mula2 tu mesti rasa susah punya. Pasti.
Tapi lama2 tu mesti okay punya.
Good luck!

It's true
Experience is the best teacher
And i'm still learning
to take my own advice.

On a totally unrelated note, just as i woke up this morning, i skyped with Irda for almost two hours and i met Farah and Zue in the afternoon. I'm a happy kid :)

Recurring dreams.

"Oh why? That's what i keep asking. Was it anything that i could have said or done?"

And that is a line from Rascall Flatts' Why.

I have a story to share and a question that needs an answer. It's about a dream, oh wait, DREAMS that i have been having for a lot of times. 

Have you ever had dreams that revolve around the same thing over and over again or maybe for three consecutive nights? I have. A few weeks ago, i dreamed of this person for three consecutive nights. A person that i know personally and is quite close to me. No, those dreams were not scary or eerie, they were really pleasant, calming and i felt secured. When i woke up, i wondered myself. "Why? What did i do?" Awhile after that, i just left the question unanswered. "Well, it's just a one time thing. They probably don't mean anything. Won't happen again." I convinced myself.

Guess what? I was wrong. 

I dreamed about the same person again. For the last two nights. I don'…

Write, write, write.

I have just finished my second journalism class and i'm in doubt.

Do i want to be a journalist? Regardless of my passion in pursuing my degree in International Relations or Public Relations, writing is what i love doing. My mood to write might not kick in every time but it is one of my ways to channel whatever i feel.

No, i do not want to be a reporter. I want to be a journalist. From what i have learned so far, correct me if i am wrong, a reporter reports facts while a journalist writes his/her opinion supported by facts and is able to persuade readers to his/her thinking.

If i ever become a journalist, i want to do feature writing. A feature writing is when a journalist writes freely on his/her opinions i.e: columns, lifestyle, health. From my own perspective-- it is just like writing an essay or a term paper. 

And now my doubt is: Can i do it?

Chapter Four.

A couple of days before the first class of the semester, i was ecstatic. Being aware that i would learn more mass communication subjects and soft skills, i couldn't wait for classes to start!

For this particular semester, i'm taking up six subjects; Economics, Publishing and Media Design, Journalism, Graphics Design, Photo Communication and Issues in Modern Malaysia.

Now i'm already in my second week of the semester-- and boom goes the excitement. Knowing that the subjects this semester are tad, okay scratch that, wayy heavier than subjects i took in my previous semesters, my knees are starting to shake. The assignments are extremely more challenging.

As an example, during my previous semester, my team interviewed the Head of Corporate Communication Department of BERNAMA for our Public Relations assignment. It wasn't that hard actually since the set of questions were given by the lecturer and we were not allowed to ask additional questions. However, for Publishing and Med…