These past few weeks, the friendships that i've built with so many people have been tested like crazy, i tell you. Like a hurricane just came in the way and whooshed everything, to see how strong i could stand. One hurricane after another. Damn, man. Like the speed of the playing cards that Gambit throws every single time! 

Ya Allah. When those happened, i have to be honest, i had some sleepless nights. Some people suggested me to cry it out and sleep but i couldn't. The frustrations haven't reached the top of the pyramid of 'Okay Now You May Cry'. I tried to hide everything inside and keep 'em to myself. Those are some pretty personal issues of mine that i wouldn't feel comfortable of sharing. However, some close friends could actually tell some things went wrong.

You know how people always say 'bros before hoes'? Yea i stick to it. Except most probably 'chicks before dicks'? If friendship vs. marriage, 70% i'd go with friendship. Because they are the people who'd accept me for who i am, who'd clean up my mess every time i screw up, who'd stand up for me and remind me of where i stand. I'm not the type of person who just kick you away when you've walked into my life, naah.

When my boat was rocked, Allah sent me some help. My Seremban losers who helped to distract me from those woes. I didn't even talk to them about what happened in Lendu (because i didn't want to), we were already busy talking of some other acquaintances who apparently had some issues with us. What happened? Ask them. They haven't grown a pair to talk it through. Till now. Ema, Irda and I skyped a few nights in a week. 3 hours minimum, approximately. But i have to say that the issue was rather childish that we got it over pretty quickly. 

When it seems like i have forgotten you, i just want you to know that i never forget my friends. Though we haven't communicated for a long time, you should know that i always keep an eye on you. I have my ways to check if you're doing alright; twitter, instagram, wordpress, your close friends, anything. Just to make sure that you're doing fine. You've walked into my life and do you think it's that easy to walk out? You're wrong. When you have no one to turn to, know that i'll always be around. Though we haven't talked for days, weeks, months, heck, years! Plus, I like randomness. 

Back to my story, during my 'minor depression', i was having my final exams, someone passed away, a dear friend had a really bad injury, i had some miscommunications with someone, i had a fight, sleepless nights, and i cried both loudly and silently for quite a few times thinking of a brother who had left almost 5 months ago.

If he was around, maybe we could have a little chat like we used to have. And buy me an ice cream like he planned to..



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