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One of my favourite Indonesian movies of all time

Kulari ke hutan kemudian menyanyiku Kulari ke pantai kemudian teriakku Sepi sepi dan sendiri Aku benci Aku ngin bingar Aku mau di pasar Bosan aku dengan penat

Photographs. More Photographs.

10,000. More than 10,000 images found on my laptop.

Mana taknya, I still have photos that my friends and i randomly took since 2009.

I've been struggling with this problem of deleting my photos. Some people snap some pictures, print them out and delete them. I snap a lot(!) of pictures, print them out and i do not delete them. 

I have this fear of deleting photos; because i may think i have some backups, but i don't. Or i may think i have printed them out, but i didn't.

Solution: I burn the pictures into CDs before moving those pictures to Trash.

Do you face this problem too?

Ps: I'm also afraid of emptying the trash.


These past few weeks, the friendships that i've built with so many people have been tested like crazy, i tell you. Like a hurricane just came in the way and whooshed everything, to see how strong i could stand. One hurricane after another. Damn, man. Like the speed of the playing cards that Gambit throws every single time! 

Ya Allah. When those happened, i have to be honest, i had some sleepless nights. Some people suggested me to cry it out and sleep but i couldn't. The frustrations haven't reached the top of the pyramid of 'Okay Now You May Cry'. I tried to hide everything inside and keep 'em to myself. Those are some pretty personal issues of mine that i wouldn't feel comfortable of sharing. However, some close friends could actually tell some things went wrong.

You know how people always say 'bros before hoes'? Yea i stick to it. Except most probably 'chicks before dicks'? If friendship vs. marriage, 70% i'd go with friendship. Because…