Just To Let You Know That I'm Doing Fine


Hi, you. I know i haven't blogged in a looong time.
No i'm not dead. I'm still here. When was the last time i blogged anyway? Hold on. Let me check.

August 6! Hahaa more than a month ago.

One thing i can tell, too many things happened within the period. Weddings, open houses, i met some really old friends, breakdowns, but all's good. 

I'm currently having my final exams, my next paper would be on the 1st of October and the last one would be on the 11th.

Oh, and remember i told you about the short film we were working on? IT'S DONE! 

It was a good first time, and boy, did i have fun. Enjoy the movie, drop a comment either on YouTube or personally to me, and i apologise beforehand for any glitches.

Tiket ke Syurga is about friendship. If you appreciate friendship as much as we do, then you should watch this.
Tiket Ke Syurga (Trailer)

Tiket Ke Syurga (Full Movie)

To fill you up on the missing weeks, i've attached some pictures from my Instagram. Pemalas kan?


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