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End of Ramadhan

It's already the last day of Ramadhan (since Maghrib marks a new day in Hijri calendar)-- which also means that tomorrow is Syawal aka Eid ul-Fitr. It's a 'Yayyy' for some people but it's a 'Nayyy' for me.

I've always hated Aidilfitri (Eid ul-Fitr sounds too posh for me). I don't think i have ever been tremendously excited or anticipate the arrival of Syawal.

I don't know how far is the truth of this story.

Ada orang cakap, apabila datangnya Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, kesemua ahli kubur dibenarkan untuk pulang ke rumah untuk melawat ahli-ahli keluarga mereka. Ramadhan is a month of Forgiveness. Dalam waktu itu, mereka akan bebas dari dihisab dan bebas untuk ke mana-mana. Pada waktu itulah mereka akan meninjau dan memerhati gelagat keluarga mereka.

Kita tak boleh lupa bahawa di hujung Ramadhan, tatkala azan Maghrib pada hari terakhir puasa berkumandang, Syawal juga tiba, dan ketika itu, mereka akan dibawa pulang ke liang lahad masing-masing. Dalam erti kat…

I'm just so moved that i have to blog.

The past few posts have been about my rants and ramblings.
But this one is different.

The past few weeks slash months have been filled with quite some tests. Hence, those emotional tweets, blog posts.

But today, someone sent me a miraculously, remarkably, inspirational message than i can't help it but to write a post. No one has ever said anything as sweet and as moving as that. Thank you for making me feel worth living and going through those obstacles like Superman. You're always there when i needed someone. You may not notice, but yes, you've always been there.

We haven't seen each other for months, we haven't had an actual conversation where we sit down at a table and talk about life or those deep conversations, but you're this special case where we've managed to click without needing to hang out together.

Let me tell you this: Those words truly touched my soul and thus far the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Whenever i count my blessings before i go…